Advice to sell your property

The sale of your property will depend on many factors, although, in our view, the most important ones are the following:


1. A good price, adequate to the value of the property and the conditions of the market at that moment.

2. That people like and love your house, which, to some extent, can depend on you and it does not have to suppose an excessive expenditure.

3. Receive help from a professional Real Estate Agency with the sale.


How can I know the adequate sale value of my property?

Having a sales price adjusted to the reality of the current Real Estate market is, without doubt, the most determining factor when selling a property and it will influence the time it takes to be sold.


The main variables which may intercede when determining the value of your property are the following:


1. The size of the property: surface of the plot and the constructed metres of the property.

2. The location of the property and the level of the services and urbanization it has.

3. Antiquity and conservation status.

4. Constructive qualities and equipment in the house and exteriors (garden, swimming pool, walls, etc.).

5. The situation of the market and an analysis of other offered similar properties for sale.


It is very important to stablish a sales price for your property which is adequate for you and for the buyer, basing it on the current conditions of the Real Estate market and trying that the fixed price does not cause a possible delay on the sale of the property. You should consider your personal circumstances and decide freely the minimum sales price you are ready to pay.


"The first impression is what counts"

You should be able to put yourself in the position of a possible buyer and look at the property from that position. Mending the damaged and defective things and having the house clean and organized, are minimum aspects you should consider it you decide to sell your house.


Carry out a thorough, complete and general clean, so after it only needs maintenance, and take into account the benefit of painting again and, if it is the case, take care of the garden so it is in good conditions and they do not cause a bad image of the property.


"Less is more"

Tidy and put away all the unnecessary objects of the property, get rid of old and broken furniture, think it is important that the house look spacious, and not having too many furniture and having them correctly arranged, in harmony with the space will help. Clear and remove everything you do not need, when you do it the house will seem wider.


If you are moving out try that the packing boxes do not disturb or cause a bad image during the visit. An illuminated, ventilated house and, for example, with flowers o small decorative details, will always seem more welcoming and gives the sense of clarity and vitality.


Try that the image the house transmits is as neutral as possible, without elements which can cause controversy, dislike or worry to the possible buyers. Do all what is in your hand to make the visitors have a pleasant impression when they visit your property, take into account that the first impression caused to the buyer is decisive.


Try to carry out all the necessary reparations which are not too expensive, such as: windows, locksmithing, electricity. The bathrooms and the kitchen are key rooms and it is convenient that they give a good impression and that they are clean.


Choosing a Real Estate agent to sell your property.

Receiving help from a professional Real Estate Agency, with the capacity of getting your property to the highest possible number of potential buyers will make the sale easier. With the Real Estate Agency you will be able to multiply the sale options with a higher diffusion and publicity of your property.


Most of the sales of properties carried out on the Costa Blanca are to foreigners. In order that a potential buyer, which is foreigner, carries out the purchase of your property, they will need to trust the seller and have the tranquillity that they carry out the acquisition they want without any risks. A professional Real Estate Agency will know how to advice and offer guarantee and confidence to the clients.


To choose the correct Real Estate Agent to trust them with the sale of your house it is very important that it is a professional with an extensive experience and knowledge of the local market of the area where the property you would like to sell is located.

The capacity of the agent to get your property to possible buyers, in the national and international market, and the capacity to transmit confidence, communicate, inform and give solutions to all the doubts and questions a potential buyer may set out, about all the aspects which may affect your property (services, urban services, maintenance, renovation, construction, rent, etc.), can really help you with the sale of your property.