Management of your property

Would you like to sell or rent your property on the Costa Blanca or Valencia?

If so, you should pay special attention to all the important aspects which will affect the sale and you should trust a Real Estate expert who can make the sale process easier, who can prevent the fiscal and legal risks, and who offers you personalized assistance and advice during the whole process.


In Real Estate Celenia we want to help you. We are experts in Real Estate management and in the sales market of houses on the Costa Blanca (Denia, Javea, Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Altea, ...) and Valencia. This experience allows us to have a wide portfolio o clients and partners.


We have a wide media and channels coverage, which are specialized in the sale and rent of Real Estate properties, as well as an important network of national and international partners, through which we increase the reach and the possibilities of selling or renting your property, with the best conditions the Real Estate market offers at that moment.


Integrated management and personalized advice.

To entrust the sale and rent of your house or business to Real Estate Celenia has advantages for you, because we are a professional and expert team, which manages all the parts of the process that affect your house (purchase, sale, rent, maintenance, architecture, decoration, interior decoration, renovation, customized construction, etc.).


We offer personalized solutions to all the doubts brought up by clients about the properties and we can manage, at the same time, the sale and renting of your house or business, with all the advantages, which having all these processes unified in one only company entails.


Our experience and our professional and multilingual team can resolve your doubts and those a possible buyer may have about: restoration, repairs, renovations, fiscal and legal advice, etc. making in this way the sale easier. Apart from that, we can offer you solutions to optimize your property, so it is possible to increase its value and make the sale easier.


We wish you are comfortable and calm. We take care of the whole sale process:


·      The drafting and the signing of all documents: reservation deposit, private contract and deed of sale.

·      Buyers payment control.

·      Paperwork at the town hall, SUMA, supply companies, communities' of owners, Banks (accounts management, mortgages, etc.) etc.

·      Revision of all the relevant documents of the property: municipal licences, status on the Property Registry, plans, municipal taxes, invoices, etc.

·      Proceeding after the sale: changing the name on the real estate tax (IBI), rubbish tax, community of owners and contracts with the supply companies (water, light, gas and telephone), so all the costs are paid by the new owner.

·      Fiscal advice on the submission of the income tax (IRPF or IRNR) and, if it were the case, on the refund of the 3% of withholding tax, which has been taken from the sale because you are not resident in Spain.


Determine the market value of your property.

We will value your house and tell you its market value, taking into account its characteristics:  m2 of the plot, built m2, locality, surroundings, equipment, services, construction characteristics, urban planning, actual conditions of the market, etc.


The sales price established will be the most determining factor which affects the speed in which the sale of your property is carried out. Establishing a sale price for your property which is adequate for you and for the buyer can help you find this buyer in the shortest time possible, avoiding long sales periods as a consequence of having your property overvalued.


In Real Estate Celenia we offer a wide range of free Real Estate services  if you offer us exclusively your property for sale or rent.


We would like to help with the sale or rent of your property on the Costa Blanca (Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Javea, Altea, Denia) and Valencia, Spain!!


Contact us if you would like to have more information.