Real estate services

Real Estate services for the purchase, sale, rent or maintenance of your house or business.


In Real Estate Celenia we would like to help you during the whole purchase, sale or rent process of your house or business on the Costa Blanca. Both if you would like to sell or rent your property on the Costa Blanca or Valencia, or if you are interested in purchasing or renting a house or business, we place at your service our 25 years of experience on the Real Estate market to help you with the decision of purchasing, selling or renting a property, so it can be carried out with a guarantee of total success and satisfaction for you and your family.


Purchasing a Real Estate property is one of the largest investments usually conducted, and buying a property in a different country can create doubts and seem a complicated task.  Purchasing a property as main residence, as second residence, as an investment to rent or to open a business should not be a worry for you if you receive help and advice from professionals who are specialists with experience in the Real Estate sector, quite the opposite, it should be an exciting and satisfactory experience for you and your family.


We manage the care, maintenance, purchase, sale or rent of your house in Moraira Calpe Benissa Javea Altea Denia.

Our professional and expert team in management of properties permits us to offer you our Real Estate services adapting them to your necessities and wishes, and offering you personalized solutions.


With our experience on the Real Estate sector on the Costa Blanca and Valencia (Spain), and all the services we offer, we can offer you a complete vision of the purchase, sale, maintenance, construction and renovation or investment you wish to make, helping you to make your property profitable by renting it.


Our team would like to offer you a professional vision and an outstanding service which covers all aspects included in the process of the initial purchase and the general necessities, present and future, of your property on the Costa Blanca and Valencia:   purchase, sale, rent, investment, care, maintenance, construction works, renovation, decoration and valuation of your property.


We take care and manage your house when needed: garden, swimming pool, heating, air conditioning, carpentry, etc.; contract management with the supply companies of light, water, gas and telephone; cleaning services and home assistance service; management of taxes and patrimony, etc.


Obtaining the residence permit in Spain.

In Real Estate Celenia we offer our advice to obtain the residence permit in Spain by investing on Real Estate properties on the Costa Blanca and Valencia (Spain). Our legal and tax consultancy places itself at your service to obtain the residence and advice you in all the legal and tax aspects which affect you.


The new law for entrepreneurs approved by the Spanish government allows the foreign investors, which invest a minimum of 500,000€, to obtain the Spanish residential permit, with all the advantages it entails:  renewable residence permit, while the minimum investment stays in 500,000€; residence permit extensible to wife/husband and to sons who are younger than 18 years old; possibility of travelling without visa between the countries of the Schengen area, etc.


Management of mortgages.

If you would like to obtain financing for the purchase of your house or business, we help you to negotiate with the banking institutions to obtain your loan or mortgage with the best conditions for you.


We can advice you and analyse with you the different options of mortgage loan and inform you on the costs your purchase and mortgage would entail, such as: Notary, Register, taxes, management of the deed, valuation, home insurance, etc.


Delivery and transportation services to your new house.

Real Estate Celenia will help you organize and plan your move to the Costa Blanca or Valencia (Spain). We will help you organize the equipment of your new house: furniture, electric appliances, lamps, curtains and decoration complements.


We will manage with you the moving, furniture repository and storage services through reputable companies, taking into account important aspects such as the choice of companies which are specialist in national and international transport, with all the quality licences and certificates, and with transfer, theft and accident insurances.


Custody of the keys of your property.

We would like that the fact of having a property in another country is no concern for you. We offer a service of key custody and supervision of the property during the periods you are not in Spain. This service includes, between other, the following services:


- Regular visits to your property.

- Preparing the house for your arrival (heating, cleaning, etc.).

- Supervision of the works during your absence: garden, swimming pool, etc.

- Being your contact person in Spain for all the aspects which affect you.


Fiscal and economical counselling on the purchase or sale of a property or business.

We inform you of the taxes which affect you and the economic consequences you will have when purchasing, selling or renting your house or the investment you have decided to do. For this we have advisers, who are specialists in fixed income, patrimony, taxation treatment for individuals, residents and no residents, and societies.


If you would like to sale your house on the Costa Blanca or Valencia, we can also help you sell it. We can advice you on important aspects such as all the taxes which will affect the sale and, in case there is a mortgage, on the costs and procedures to cancel or surrogate it.


On the contrary, if you would like to buy a house on the Costa Blanca or Valencia, we advice you, from the fiscal point of view, about the taxes which will affect the purchase you are going to carry out.


Legal counselling on the purchase or sale of a property or business.

We will advice you on the legal field: sales contract, notary, construction, cancellation or subrogation of the mortgage, Property Register, communities of properties' owners, etc.


We manage your patrimony and municipal taxes (discharges and changing the name).


If you wish, we can provide you with a list of lawyers, who speak your language, so you can choose the professional with who you feel most confidence and security.