Request for a free valuation on your property on the Costa Blanca


Request for a free valuation on your property on the Costa Blanca


In Real Estate Celenia we would like to help you to establish a sales price for your property, according to its characteristics and the situation of the local Real Estate market.


To have certain guarantees with the purpose of selling your property, it is convenient to have a sale price that is appropriate to the reality of the actual market.  A price higher than the real value would seriously make the sale more difficult, since the actual offer is very wide and varied.  Fixing an undervalued price can make the sale easier, however the owner would not obtain the most of the transaction.  For this it is necessary to have a valuation of your property which is appropriate to the reality of the market.


Our technicians have the necessary capacity to carry out an accurate valuation of your house, commercial premise or plot, basing on the current regulations the appraisal companies use, the ECO/805/2003 of the 27th of march.  Our report is based on an accurate study of the parameters which mostly influence the valuation of a property: location, surface, qualities, age, surroundings, resources... The valuation is based on the comparison of properties that are similar to yours, applying the adequate homogenisation factors, with the purpose of obtaining a market price which maximises the sale options.


If you allow that Real Estate Celenia exclusively manages the sale of your property, we carry out, with no cost for you, a valuation report adapted to the actual prices.


With this free service we offer our clients, we would like to give you information about an estimated market value of your property, so that you can decide which is the best sales price.


The objective of such valuation report is to give advice related with the sale of your property, it has not valid as mortgage rate, which can only be carried out by financial institutions through appraisal companies.

Establishing a fair and real market price, for you and for the buyer, can help to avoid any delays in the sale. Fill in the following form so we can contact you and inform you on our free valuation service on your property on the Costa Blanca.



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