Useful and practical tourist information about the municipality of Javea.

Javea (Xabia) is a fishermen town on the Costa Blanca, located on the north of the Province of Alicante, between the localities Denia, Benitachell and Gata de Gorgos, with a population of more than 32.900 inhabitants. More than the half of them have a foreign nationality, and have chosen this locality to live, because of the quality of life it offers and its extraordinary climate, with a medium annual temperature between 18º and 24º degrees. According to a scientific study, carried out in the 90s, the climate in Javea is considered the best microclimate of the world, followed by Rio de Janeiro.


The municipality of Javea has three population, services and leisure centres.


Javeas town.

Javeas town is where the old centre and the historic centre are. They offer a labyrinth of pedestrian streets with buildings which preserve their traditional architecture. The most highlighted ones are the Church (declared Nacional Historical and Artistic Monument) and the Abastos Municipal Market. The historic centre offers the possibility of enjoying, surrounded by a relaxed environment, of traditional shops, museums, bars and of the local gastronomy which the restaurants offer.


Javeas Port (Aduanas del Mar).

Javeas Port (Aduanas del Mar), offers a lively atmosphere during the whole year, with all type of services, shops and restaurants, so you can enjoy a walk next to the Mediterranean Sea and a visit to its port and the original Virgen del Loreto Church, built in a modern and avant-garde architectonic style, which the ceiling is like the keel of a boat.


The Arenal Beach.

The Arenal Beach, the main leisure centre in summer. It is one of the most famous and visited beaches of this locality, with its promenade, which, since 2013 is called Paseo "Tenista David Ferrar" as a tribute to, without doubt, the most known sports person of this town.


Beaches and coves on the locality of Javea.

Javea (Xabia), along its approximately 25 km of coast, offers wonderful cliffs with pines and with the typical Mediterranean woods, as well as many beaches and hidden coves, with sand, gravel or rocks, the clean and crystalline waters, equipped with services and installations, all of which, together, allow year after year to obtain various Blue Flag status. The following beaches stand out: the Arenal Beach, La Grava Beach and La Granadella Beach.


The Club Náutico and the sports port in Javea (Xabia).

The Club Náutico and the sports port in Javea (Xabia) offer among its installations: gym, restaurant, swimming pool and nautical services. Apart from this, during the whole year, many competitions and activities for the sea lovers are organized, such as: fishing, sailing and diving.


Cabo La Nao, Cabo San Antonio and the Montgo in Javea.

Javea has specially beautiful natural settings and a rugged relief. Its coast presents a succession of cliffs, coves, islands and caves. The rich natural heritage has various figures of special interest and ecological value:  The Cabo La Nao, the Cabo San Antonio and its protected marine reserve, the Montgo Natural Park, the Granadella Forest Park and the Portixol bay.   


Activities you can carry out in Javea.


Trekking in Javea.

Javea has different routes which you can follow on your own, they are correctly signalled, and from where you can observe attractive landscapes near cliffs and among vegetation, enjoying the extraordinary views which combine sea and mountain. The following stand out:








Scuba diving in Javea.

The scuba lovers can enjoy in Javea of a very rich seabed, with a great variety of species of flora and fauna. The tourism office of the locality will offer you a guide with ten recommended marine routes, to which you can access through diving clubs and centres in the locality, which run through the following areas of Javea:  Reserve Escull del Cap de Sant Antoni, Tangó, Mona del Cap Prim, L´illa, Mona de L´illa, Cap Negre, Escull de Sant Pere or Bergantí, Descobridor andadella.



Sports in Javea.

During the year, many sports events take place in Javea, which make the most of the privileged combination of sea and mountain, which this town offers: golf, riding, tennis and water sports (canoe, surfing, sailing, etc.), are some of the sports activities you can carry out in this Mediterranean locality.


Tradition and popular festivities in Javea.

Javea proposes a rich and varied offer of festivities typical of the Mediterranean tradition and culture. The most famous festivities are celebrated from June to September. They are the most interesting for the residents and visitors of this locality:


The Hogueras de San Juan in Javea (St. John's Fire Festivities).

The Hogueras de San Juan in Javea (St. John's Fire Festivities), which take place in June, and finish on the "Nit dels Focs". This festivity was declared of Tourist Interest by the Valencian Community, and the last day everyone as a tradition bath their feet in the beach the night San Juan (st. John).


The Moors and Christians in Javea.

The Moors and Christians Celebrations take place in July at the Port (Aduanas del Mar) in Javea, with impressive parades. It is a typical festivity on the Costa Blanca, which is celebrated in many towns.



The "Mare de deu del Loreto" festivity in Javea.

The "Mare de deu del Loreto" holidays are another festivity which takes place at the Port in Javea (Aduanas del Mar). They start at the end of August and finish on the 8th of September. This popular festivities offer, among other acts, the traditional "bous a la mar" (bulls to the sea), where the heifer runs after the participants who jump into the sea to get away, and there is also fireworks starting from the sea. All this takes place in the privileged area of Javeas Bay (Xabia).